Sweet Kiss Lemonade

Sweet Kiss started as solution to a common problem in most households. The need to have something not only delicious but made from good and wholesome ingredients that anyone could pronounce. 

Simple ingredients + bold flavors = the culmination of a truly dynamic and compelling drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy?

Right here on our site!

What if I want to Order more than what's currently In stock?

Please reach out to us via email for large orders.

Do you ship outside of the us?

Not yet, but keep checking here for updates.

Are you available to cater my event?

Absolutely! Shoot us an email and we can discuss the details of your event.

What's in it?

Our main ingredient is fresh squeezed lemon! Every other ingredient is also fresh pressed and locally sourced. We only use turbinado sugar and a small amount of stevia, less than 1%, for a little extra sweetness.